Accor Cosmetic Corrector


Introducing an exciting NEW safe and gentle alternative to surgery!

Have you ever wished you could turn the clock back - even just a little - and get rid of those crows feet that have suddenly appeared, tighten up those upper eyelids or make those annoying frown lines between your brows disappear?!

But... you really don't want to risk surgery, experience a whole heap of pain or pay out the high costs for Botox or other fillers?


The Secret is in the Pen!

Thanks to the ACCOR Cosmetic Corrector which is an advanced Plasma Pen, you can now refresh and rejuvenate your face, neck and body and enjoy substantial visible and measurable results - FAST. And, better still, the procedure is practically painless and very affordable, with often one treatment being sufficient.


Precise, easy skin tightening correction. Here's how it works...

The Cosmetic Corrector Pen creates a tiny electrical arc at its tip. This is called a Plasma Arc and when it touches the skin it vaporises a micromillimeter sized dot onto the surface of the skin (the epidermis). This little dot tightens up the surrounding skin. When several dots are applied close together, this results in a tightening of excess skin.  The Pen does not actually touch the skin at all and the results are often visible immediately.  

Frequently Asked Questions


What Accor Treatments do you offer?


  • Upper Eyelid Tightening and Lifting
  • Lower Eyelid Tightening and Lifting
  • Frown Lines and Worry Lines
  • Brow Lifts and Wrinkles
  • Full Soft Facelift
  • Throat and Jawline tightening
  • Perioral Treatment (the lines around the mouth)
  • Nasolabial Folds (smile lines)
  • Crow's Feet
  • Skin Tags
  • Pigmentation (moles, age spots, sun spots, liver spots)
  • Scar Removal

Call me on 07971 431238 to discuss any treatment and arrange a FREE consultation.

Does it Hurt?!

Before the procedure is carried out, a topical anaesthetic is applied  to numb the area, so that it is practically painless.   Watch the video below and you will notice the patient is not showing any signs of being in pain!

How much does it cost?

Skin Tightening - EYES:

  • Upper eyelids (excess skin) - £450
  •  Lower Eyelid - £300   
  • Crows feet  -£200     

Skin tightening-facelift

  • Lower third- marionettes (corners of mouth) ,cheeks and left and right of chin  - £350 (a course of 2/3 treatments is required
  • Mouth Top Lines - £150
  • Mouth Top & Bottom - £200
  • Smiles Lines - £200   
  • Frown lines - £150/200 (depends on number of lines).    
  • Glabella ( frown lines in between eyebrows) - £100.   

Other treatments:   

  • Skin tag - £50 per tag . (Discount packs given to multi numbers.) 
  • Age spot -  £30 (Discount packs given to multiple numbers.)   
  • Mole removal - £50 (Discount given to multiple numbers) 
  • White heads (milia) - £20 per scar or £90 per cheek.   
  • Facelift - £450
  • Neck and Chin - £400
  • Neck, Chin and Jowls - £450

How many Treatments will I need?

This will depend on each individual but one to two treatments is usually sufficient for example to lift and tighten the eyelids or to smooth the areas around the mouth and nose. Of course, everyone is different and this will be discussed during your FREE consultation.

Is it safe and what are the after effects of Treatment?

Yes it is safe.  An Accor Cosmetic Corrector treatment is non-invasive and is much, much gentler than an operation.  But it is still a procedure so there may be minimal swelling for about two days. The procedure leaves tiny scabs which drop off after 4-10 days.  When the scab falls off it may leave a little red mark which usually disappears after a week, although it can take longer in slow healers.

Do not worry about scarring either.  The plasma pen only treats the epidermis - not the dermis (that causes scarring).   When applied the heat is 42 degrees, which is hot enough to contract the skin but not hot enough to burn or scar.

You will of course be provided with an Aftercare Information Sheet but it is important not to rub or scratch the scabs off! They need to drop off on their own. You should not use a sauna, play sport or do anything that makes you sweat whilst the scabs are present. 

You will also need to clean the treated area with water only and use a sun cream of SPF 50 on the treated area for 3 months.

Is there anything important you need to know about Me?

It is important to let me know the following BEFORE your treatment:

  • If you are taking medication or have recently a medical treatment
  • If you are susceptible to cold sores (Herpes Simplex)
  • If you are a regular smoker 

I also need to know if any of these apply to you:

  • Epilepsy
  • Pregnancy/breast feeding
  • Pacemaker
  • Current infections
  • Skin lesions
  • Varicose veins
  • Bone disease or complications
  • Nerve damage in area to be treated
  • Autoimmune disease or any disease affecting the immune system
  • Any previous aesthetic treatments you have received, e.g laser, botox, dermal fillers, peels, dermabrasion etc


Take a look at some Before and After photos of Accor treatments and see for yourself the great results achieved with the Accor Cosmetic Corrector. 

Before and After Accor Treatments (pdf)


The Accor Cosmetic Corrector

Apologies for these videos being in German.

Eyelid Tightening with ACCOR