Accor Plasma pen, Plymouth

ACCOR has arrived in Plymouth!

I'm excited to announce that in addition to IPL treatments,  I can now offer an even greater range of non-surgical skin treatments from my private Plymouth clinic with the Accor Cosmetic Corrector (also known as a Plasma Pen).

I am currently the only clinician trained in using this incredible new technology which gives you the option of benefiting from many beauty treatments that have to date only been associated with invasive surgical procedures.

What's even better is that with Accor the results are permanent so there's no need for ongoing expensive "upkeep" treatments! 

Collagen rejuvenation Plymouth

Western Morning News writer Claire Chinn reviews CMB Medispa

"I'm 40 this year. How did that happen? I've always said I'll grow old disgracefully and enter my forties kicking and screaming. I'll try anything once and if there is any chance I can slow down the ageing process - well heck yeah - where do I sign up?

Enter Christine Marshall from CMB Medispa, in Plympton, Plymouth.  The treatment she uses is known as IPL which, to  you and me means Intense Pulsed Light.  Apparently one machine does it all - thread vein removal, skin and collagen rejuvenation, non surgical face lists, even rosacea treatments. It's also used for hair removal, pigmentation reduction and acne treatment. This machine all but cooks you dinner.

I'm not going to lie, I was slightly sceptical. I didn't understand how intense light could achieve dramatic results but I went along to the initial consultation determined to keep an open mind. Christine greets me warmly and we sit down for a chat.  She goes through everything to do with IPL, explains to me how it works and asks what I want the end results to be.  She shows me genuine photos of patients she's worked on.  I'm blown away.  The before and after shots are incredible.  We then run through a series of questions about my general health and lifestyle and I sign on the dotted line.  Christine has tailor-made a treatment plan for my skin with a view to achieving my desired results.

We head into her treatment room and I lie on the bed.  A pair of special protective sunglasses are put on my face and Christine dons a pair too. 

She explained I will intense heat for a split second at a time - that's the laser at work.  And sure enough, after a few zaps here and there, it was all  over.  Did it hurt? Not at all.  The sensation was exactly as Christine described it.  Intense heat but the zap is over before you can blink.

The science behind the therapy is that the process works by  destroying  undesirable collagen structures, which then allows my body to start the healing process,  part of whcih is a boost in new collagen production, plumping up the skin naturally.  It also encourages blood flow to treated areas as the excess heat is absorbed by the surrounding tissue.  Whilst the heat tends not to be high enough to cause damage, it does cause the blood vessels to expand, increasing bloody flow.  After the first session, I saw a noticeable difference, my skin was clear, fresh and glowing.  I hadn't looked so good since I was in my  "blooming" stage of pregnancy.

The best part? It was so quick.  The whole experience lasted only 20 minutes.  There's no downtime, no red skin and no marks.  Am I going back?  Yes, I'll go and visit Christine once a month for little top ups. IPL costs £55 for a single entire face treatment or six treatments for £275.  Alternatively, you can opt for a half-face treatment at £45 with a course of six half-face treatments for £225".