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What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a common skin condition which can be hereditary or it can result from stress, excess alcohol, sun exposure, wind and temperature extremes. Its exact cause is not always known and can sometimes just be part of the natural ageing process.      

Rosacea mainly affects fair-skinned people. It presents as flushing and redness across the face, nose or forehead, but can also appear on the neck and chest. It can cause sufferers great distress, anxiety and embarrassment.

How can IPL help Rosacea Treatment?

IPL ( Intense Pulse Light) can be used very effectively to treat redness and broken capillaries in rosacea. The red thread veins absorb the light energy from the IPL probe. This makes them hot. The resultant damage encourages the body to reabsorb the veins, thus fading their appearance.

Will it hurt?!

You will experience a mild stinging sensation as each pulse of light hits the targeted area. It's a bit like a rubber band being flicked against your skin and in no way unbearable!

What about the cost?

Rosacea treatment starts at £30 per single treatment     

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